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Hitachi in Philippines

Solution : Power visibility sees the light of the day


Ravi and Lim Jun You

By virtue of its extensive experience in a wide range of business sectors, coupled with its commitment to adopt and support sustainable development, Hitachi gave Hanergy the confidence that their project would be in good hands. In addition, Hitachi demonstrated great aptitude for understanding and providing innovative solutions for solar industry-specific issues. Following a series of presentations and discussions, Hanergy chose Hitachi ICT as their preferred software partner for the design and implementation of their cloud-based Power Monitoring and analytics solution.

After an extensive preliminary research exercise that involved detailed interviews with key customers and stakeholders, Hitachi designed and launched the Power Monitoring and analytics solution that enables users to log on from any device for live updates and analytics on their solar power generation.

Ravi Singh, Sales Director, Info-Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Business Group, Hitachi Asia Ltd.

To put it simply, the system automatically captures data from thousands of smart meters installed across the globe and exports it to a centralised location. This way Hanergy can conveniently access and manage all the devices and data, and perform the necessary analytics to make it more meaningful for their end customers.

Ravi Singh
Sales Director, Info-Communications Technology (ICT) Solutions Business Group, Hitachi Asia Ltd.

With the launch of this system, Hanergy's customers, who are the end users of the PV system, are now able to get a clear picture of their power consumption vis-à-vis the actual generation. This helps instil confidence in them that their PV system is operating at optimum efficiency and they are being billed for what they are consuming, and the excess energy generated is being sold back to the power company to offset their electricity bills.

Lim Jun You, Director, Commercial Strategy and Innovation, Hanergy

This 'visibility' of power flow is what attracted our customers the most. It's just the sort of confidence they needed to reassure themselves that the money they have spent with us was totally worth the investment!

Lim Jun You
Director, Commercial Strategy and Innovation, Hanergy


In summary, the system is capable of handling the following:

  • Automatic export of smart meter data to server at scheduled intervals for storage and analysis.
  • Power consumption monitoring (historical, scheduled and real-time), and automated billing
  • Trend analysis and predictive business analytics for forecasting
  • Real-time access of monitoring data across different mobile devices and platforms
  • Asset management and automated fault detection of devices
  • Automated alerts, enhanced with data for accurate & speedy troubleshooting
  • Individual Personalization - end-user can customize the application

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Release Date:
March 2015

Products & Services:
IT Solutions

Solutions By:
ICT Solutions Business Group, Hitachi Asia Ltd.