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Established in 1994, Hanergy is a multinational clean energy company and the world's largest producer of thin-film solar technology. Through global technical integration and independent innovation, the company serves thousands of residential and industrial customers worldwide providing them with cutting-edge alternative power solutions.

In 2013, Hanergy decided to create and implement a cloud based monitoring system as a value-added service for its residential customers across Europe and beyond. They wanted a sophisticated data and analytics support solution to give the customer a clear picture of their net savings on investment.

In Hitachi ICT, Hanergy found their ideal technology partner who not only fully understood their complex requirements but worked hand-in-hand as a team with them to provide holistic software expertise that went beyond the traditional definition of technical support.

Project Summary

The Challenge

The Challenge

The challenge for Hanergy was to find a technology partner that:

  • Not only specialised in software but also had a thorough understanding of the solar energy business
  • Understood the highly specialised data and analytics requirements for the monitoring system
  • Had the necessary technical expertise to create a customised and sophisticated Power Monitoring and analytics solution for photovoltaic (PV) systems

The Solution

The Solution

The innovative cloud-based Power Monitoring and analytics solution delivered by Hitachi ICT boosted the confidence of Hanergy's customers, and took their experience to an all-new level:

  • Centralised location
    Gathers data from thousands of PV systems installed by Hanergy across the world and brings it together at one unified location.
  • Versatile integration
    Performs analytics in real time for progressive power generation and consumption monitoring, automated billing, asset management, fault detection, auto- alerts, reporting and analysis.
  • Convenient accessibility
    Users can easily log on to the portal anytime, anywhere, through any device of their choice, such as mobile phone, PC and tablet.
  • User friendly interface
    Simple and easy to understand user interface (UI) that allows customisation to match the individual preferences of the users.
  • Intelligent system
    The system has the unique capability to differentiate between an actual technical issue and routine downtime when power is not being generated, such as during night hours or overcast weather.

Hanergy Global Solar PV Application Pte Ltd

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Release Date:
March 2015

Products & Services:
IT Solutions

Solutions By:
ICT Solutions Business Group, Hitachi Asia Ltd.