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Advanced Water Treatment System in Kandy City. Residents of Sri Lanka's second largest city enjoy a plentiful suppy of safe drinking water

This case study was released in March 2013, prior to the merger of Hitachi Plant Technologies with Hitachi, Ltd. The company is renamed as Hitachi, Ltd. Infrastructure Systems Company (Sri Lanka Branch Office).


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In 1997, the demand for water in Sri Lanka's Central Province, Greater Kandy, had far outgrown the amount of clean water that was supplied by the existing water treatment plants. The escalating water shortfall within the city of Kandy and in the northern part of Greater Kandy was particularly worrying. Furthermore, even for districts with water treatment facilities, the supply of water had to be rationed to certain days and hours due to supply capacity restrictions. The irregular access to clean water supply meant that crucial operations of the healthcare and tourism industry were greatly impeded and the livelihood of many Sri Lankans was affected too.

A pressing need for an advanced water treatment system to meet the growing demand for clean water of the population was called for. In view of Hitachi Plant Technologies' expertise in building advanced pump systems projects, the company, together with Taisei Corporation, was selected by the Sri Lankan government to construct an advanced water treatment system facility.

In this video: Mr P.H. Sarath Gamini, Project Director, National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) and Mr. M. S. Pinto, Chief Engineer, Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd. (Sri Lanka), talks about the challenges and solutions of constructing water treatment system in Kandy City.

Project Summary

Challenges of the water supply project in Greater Kandy:

  • To supply a large volume of treated water to the growing population in Sri Lanka
  • To support with durable pumps that would be functioning without disruptions
  • To monitor and control the process of water treatment over multiple sites in the region

Solutions delivered by Hitachi Plant Technologies:

  • Delivery of quality pumps that ensure durability in the lifetime of the water treatment system
  • SCADA system that enables the monitoring of the water treatment process in multiple sites
  • Training of local engineers in the operation of the water treatment plants

National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB)

Water Supply

Sri Lanka

Release Date:
March 2013

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Water Solution

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Hitachi Plant Technologies (Sri Lanka Branch Office)