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Challege :  SEP's Air Compressor Problems


From 1979, Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP) has been employing air compressors in their manufacturing processes. All the air compressors used at that time were water-cooled piston oil-lubricate types.

The piston oil-lubricated air compressors were extremely cumbersome in maintenance.
They also emitted too much noise and vibrations, creating environmental pollutions which were concerns for workers operating in the same room.

Mr Henry Koh
Assistant General Manager of SEP’s Factory Facilities Department

Mr Henry Koh, Assistant General Manager of SEP’s Factory Facilities Department

What is Oil-Lubricated Compressor?

Picture: SEP's Compressor Problems A piston oil-lubricated compressor has an oil bath to keep bearings and cylinders lubricated. Although the pistons come with rings to keep oil from getting into the air, some oil in the form of aerosol will inevitably get into the compressed air.

For most industries, it required many filtration systems to emit oil out. However, such air compressors require a large amount of maintenance in the form of regular oil checks, frequent replacements of ring scrapper and belting, as well as descaling of pipes for the water cooler.

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August 2011

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