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Hitachi in Philippines

With well over 150 years in the materials industry, Hitachi has been at the fore front of the business - growing in strength and capability since inception, building a trusted reputation for leading edge technologies and product leadership.

The success of the group is due in part to the strength and ability of facing challenges of the global market in an ever-changing industry while remaining in-tune with customers’ needs and offering a high value in performance.

The materials business benefits from the global technological capability and world-class R&D networks within the Hitachi family. The combination of global research and local expertise sets them up to out-perform the competition.

Remaining true to the role of a ‘manufacturer of materials’ – the group’s services cross a wide cross section of industries, including chemicals, automobile, electronic and industrial.  Providing original products while contributing to environmental protection - by leveraging unique technologies in various business segments – they are able to meet the sophisticated needs of customers in an age of constant transformation.