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Hitachi in Philippines

Please use the contact details provided in the sites opened by the links below.

Power Generation & Transmission

Product Who to contact
Protections & Control Relays

Solar Energy

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
Metalclad Switchgear (MCS)
Nuclear Power Systems
Electrical & Control Systems


Product Who to contact
Bio-Pharmaceutical Plants
Iron & Steel Mill Plant & Controls
Industrial Plant Systems
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Plant

Industrial Systems & Equipment

Product Who to contact
Air Compressors
Centrifugal Compressor, Reciprocating Compressor
Electric Hoists
Electric Motor
Electrical Machinery Equipment & Systems
Hard Disk Manufacturing Systems
Ink-Jet Printer
Inverters / Variable Speed Drives
Instrument & Control Systems
Large Electric Motors (High Voltage)
Large Pump
MV Inverter
Programmable Logic Controller
Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Tooling, Tool Steel, Mold & Die
Vortex Blower
X-ray Computer Tomography (CT)

Construction Machinery

Product Who to contact
Mini Excavators
Medium Excavators
Wheeled Excavators
Wheel Loaders
Rigid Dump Trucks


Product Who to contact
All-inclusive package-type drinking water treatment device
Advanced drinking water treatment systems
Rotating sludge extractor
Underwater agitator and aerator(SPAROTOR)
Submergible aerator, underwater mechanical aerator and agitator
Comprehensive immobilizing nitrogen removal process(PEGASUS)
Membrane Bioreactor System(Sewage treatment systems)
BOD/Nitrogen/Phosphorus simultaneous treatment system
Sequential batch reactor (SBR) system
Oxidation ditch (OD) system
Screw-type aerator(SPAROTOR)
Screw-type aerator(SPAROTOR ACE)
High Lock iron and manganese removal device
Membrane-type drinking water treatment device
Pure water manufacturing device
Ultrapure water manufacturing device
Wastewater recovery equipment for electronic device plants
Building gray water equipment
Wastewater treatment equipment for Automotive plants
Wastewater treatment equipment for Food and beverage manufacturing plants
Wastewater treatment equipment for Power stations
Wastewater treatment equipment for Steel plants
Wastewater treatment equipment for Paper pulp plants
Fluidized bed biological treatment system
Comprehensive immobilizing nitrogen removal system
Highly concentrated ammonia treatment system
Submerged membrane bioreactor system (MBR system)
Advanced fluorine treatment device - Hydrogen Flouride (HF) Treatment System
Phosphorus crystallization device
Oil & Gas Industrial Water Treatment System

Broadcasting Equipment

Product Who to contact
Broadcasting and Video Systems
Security and Surveillance System
Industrial Video Cameras